“Now I think I know"

“Now I think I know… what you’re trying to say to me" is one line of lyrics of the famous song, “Starry Starry Night". This machinima(video) by Robbie Dingo, “Watch the World", make me understand what does that really mean.

A masterpiece recreated. I watched the beauty unfolding in front of me. Maybe someone once watched Vincent creating the original and felt the same way.
I hope so.

我想我現在知道 Now I think I know… What you try to say to me 這句歌詞的意義了。透過 Watch the World 《注視世界》這部機械影片(machinima),你應該會有跟我一樣的感動。

也許下一次,我們一起來聽 Suzanne Vega 那首老歌:The Queen And The Soldier




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