Geert’s video interview in Culturemondo Roundtable

在這次的 Culturemondo Roundtable 圓桌會議中,我們特別有請唐瑋(Joy Tang)與林筱芳(Hsiaofang Lin)協助我們進行會場中平行進行的訪談 Podcast 製作。以這次的專題演講講者之一的 Geert Lovink 為例,他介紹了自己的背景跟他所在這次會議中扮演的角色。

在這次的會議中,他的演講主題:「超越社會性網路服務的線上生活:Web 2.0 批判導論」提供了幾年內快速深陷 Google、Facebook、MySpace 等社會網路服務(SNSs)的人們一個反省審視的批判觀點;尤其對於文化與文化遺產領域的機構還正在思考,要不要跟隨這個潮流加入浪潮中的時候,Geert 的作法是把眼前的這些景緻,與全球金融危機與經濟衰退連結起來作理論/實踐上整體性的詮釋。

Geert’s video interview in Culturemondo Roundtable 有 “ 2 則留言 ”

  1. Hi~Ilya, I am Tai-ying. I just finished my report of the 2008 CMRT for the Institute of History and Philology. After some correction, I will launch an article on the teldap e-newspaper. We may have some different view points, But i am still looking forward to exchanging more thoughts with you.
    Thank you so much for running such a wonderful and successful meeting for us. I DO really learn a lot from CMRT in these three days~

  2. hi Tai-ying, thanks so much for your information about the coming review article. I am also looking forward to your article and share with you my thoughts. It’s awesome that we have people from TELDAP that could really learn from the meeting 🙂 As the host of such wonderful meetup, we are being too busy to grab the rich thoughts exchanged among the participants. So your input would also help us to re-learn from the meetup too! Expect to hear from you soon, ilya


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