[dow] Cold, Coldness, the War of Coldness

Cold, Coldness, the War of Coldness, for dictionaryofwar.

As the Russian army invaded the Georgian territory, right in the same day China celebrating its “one world, one (Olympic) dream”, mainstream media soon were flooded with the term “new cold war”. Russia is back, and right now United States of America is facing its most serious, urgent, catastrófico economic Recession that is going to influence the world. For the western journalist, cold war was over decades ago, and the “new” is coming back to haunt the world with it’s new axis, new friends, and new competition.

But there are certain places on the earth that still under the same old coldness. Just like the South Eastern Asian jungle where Japanese soldiers hided into and waited for long term resistance, people there just missed the institutional de-frozen message: the Emperor/tennō/Mikado’s radio lecture announcing “unconditional surrender”. Post-war period after World War II is called “Cold War”, the when is the end of “Cold War”? Are we officially providing any equipment, or any institutionalized effort, to terminate the coldness?

In post WWII situation, Taiwan was deemed the important freedom fighting fortress on the Pacific Ocean. An un-sinkable aircraft carrier. A free China, China outside of China. A kind of democracy window to let people look into the iron curtained Chinese mankind. Taiwanese development were deemed strategically aligned with US’s interests. Embracing the financial (mostly in the form of raw material, just like the extended market for USA national production) support and accompanied ideologies, we are connected with the center of the war. Show our loyalty, going nowhere but embracing the superpower, even the enlightment is coming from most US then coming back to our own people.

Taiwan is not only a free China, better China, civilized China, but also an unsinkable refrigerator. Taiwan is a cold generating device. Taiwan is institutionalized into the generator of our own coldness, and help in sustaining other people’s coldness. When our enlightened intellectuals coming back to Taiwan, they found Taiwanese people are so “cold”, not responding to external International situations: don’t go out to protest against the Viet Nam war, for example. How do we react to those situation? We don’t even know who we are! The only thing we know is the produce things. We are hardworking people, and we are doing real good.

As no one is officially announcing “the cold war is over” (they don’t announce it when it began neither!) , the coldness generating device, the unsinkable freedom carrier on the Pacific Ocean, is still hardworkingly outputing its coldness. No one yet to check the ruins so very few people know it’s still working. Some politician knows the product these people produced, so smartly find a way to utilize these coldness-related products. At least to better their political lives.

I would like to propose a research/re-search into coldness, to uncover the cold war’s technical sides: cold war’s instrumentality, how did it terminated or even everlasting? What’s the strategies and tactics of cold war initiator / collaborators? Do they know we are the children of coldness, and those are even extending to today?



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