The other party & 2008.2.17

Last Saturday (2.16) noon, I went to a gathering of Hu-nan An-Shang county people association annual spring celebration with my Dad. People in Taiwan call it “New Spring Greeting Gathering" (新春團拜), or “Spring Wine Party" (春酒), which would take place right after the long Chinese lunar new year vacation is over. It’s common for all kinds of industries and companies to hold this new year initiation rite. But for me and people participated this association, it is not that common but has its uniqueness.

My Dad is 81 years old. He is not the oldest participant in this party. Ms. Long, the lady who is 100 years old, is the most senior person of this association. Her son, professor Long, is the current chairman of this county people association. In between my dad and Ms. Long, there’re about 20+ senior gentlemen and ladies that are representing the generation that crossing the Taiwan strait decades ago. I am 35, and there’re about 6+ people in 30-40 representing the “young generation". In last year, at least 4 or 5 senior gentlemen passed away, including one of my cousin, died at 62.

There’re approximately 60 people participated this party in total.

During the party, my Dad’s friends greeting another by repeated cheering. Mr. Pong, who had just come back from Costa Rica, said this kind of annual gathering and vote for the president, are the most important things. He must absolutely fly back to Taiwan to vote for Mr. Ma. “This time, we cannot lose any more!" He said. He will stay until the election is over. His opinion is well shared among mostly all the senior members of our association.

But as a kind of reflection, I feel sad about the form of certain gathering: nothing but nostalgia. People in the corner embracing the invisible tradition and discipline, doctrines, but nothing really happened inside this kind of small, warm and cozy cult. Even through I and other young guys are recruited in the executive board, but there’s nothing to be executed at all. The diaspora, segmented small groups of people composite of organization of this kind, become the ideological foundation of the KMT supporters. Conservative and limited, these people were disabled the communication, syndication and reproduction function long time ago by the KMT, only to mobilize to support the pre-selected people and policies. These uncles and aunts are hostages of the past hegemonic dominance. And the neighborhood is dying, little by little. They know, and everyone knows.

But people vow(more like expect) for the victory of the presidential election in the party.

I nearly forgot the party when lying on the sofa, feel uncomfortable but saw the news of Kosovo independence Sunday night. 2008.2.17, the date Kosovo leader declare independence.

In NYC 5th Avenue, people waive the flag of Kosovo for the US recognition of Kosovo independenceABC news report “Joy, Anger After Kosovo Claims Independence: Ethnic Albanians Celebrate, But Province’s Serbs Protest the Declaration" said after listing the joy stories in Kosovo,

While the south celebrated, in northern Mitrovica the mood was calm but downtrodden. Some 200 protesters gathered in the main square north of the river to oppose the province’s declaration of independence.

“Kosovo is the heart of Serbia, and how can a man live without his heart," a Mitrovica Serb who declined to give his name told ABC News. “You will see that in five years Kosovo will be without any Serbs. Slowly everyone will leave.""Kosovo is the heart of Serbia, and how can a man live without his heart," a Mitrovica Serb who declined to give his name told ABC News. “You will see that in five years Kosovo will be without any Serbs. Slowly everyone will leave."

Have you saw the poster of Serbian’s petition? Here it is. Sometimes our life are just juxtapositions and mash-ups, of joy, anger and sadness.

Check for more Kosovo independence blog stories.


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