A larger field at the bottom

I had just finished an article, “Web 2.0 and Public Participation" for RDEC, Research Development & Evaluation Committee, Executive Yuan, Taiwan. The requirement of that article is 7000 words, in the end I had made it 11000 words (after cutting out the Losheng’s part 😦 ) The writing of such lengthy article is so tired, and the brilliant spots inside it are so …. invisible. In the process of writing, I had been continuously thinking… what I am doing? What kind of value is this kind of work? Who reads this kind of official governmental magazine? I have no idea about those questions. But I had tried my best to explain Tim O’Reilly’s original ideas on Web 2.0 from my personal perspective.

Also during the process, I had found myself got so much to say in my mind. The whole stories of the past 8 years of my life is weaved closely with the development of Internet era. 1997 when Dave Winer invent RSS to deliver latest update of the blog, I was in Hualien absorbing everything I could found on the new medium. I read the RDF specification in the military service of year 2000. I think the web 2.0 era brings more diverse information, but in the core it should not be that difficult to generate the intergrated vision for now and for the future.

Yes, the vision. Reading Jedi’s comment about the Sat. Taiwan Blogger BoF event, he commented the content, people and event itself from a geek’s point of view. That’s a very crystal view, but only from a geek’s eyes. I still konw people in BoF working on other fundamental issues. Blogging is not only a code issue, just like movie is not *only* the combination of a series of shots.

I love geeks’ conferences. And I also enjoy other kinds of Interdisciplinary initiatives. I believe they are all inspirational and challenging. I think right now Taiwan needs more this kind of meetup moments for every kinds of people. I do think so.

“There’s plenty of room at the bottom", Feynman said.

(And just follow Kerim’s comment yesterday, maybe it’s time for us to start to think and prepare “Our Conference".)



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