Mashup 神話的盡頭


有人(Om Malik)說,這是 Web 2.0 天真無知時代的結束(“Web 2.0: End of Innocence");有人(David Galbraith)說是 Web 2.0 已死(“The Day Web 2.0 Dies")。

這個今天是指 2007 年 4 月 5 日。Google 推出了讓「連原始人都覺得使用起來很簡單的」MyMaps 地圖服務(“Map Making So Easy, Even Caveman Could Do It")。 的一則重要新聞:“Google Launches MyMaps – Platial Gets Screwed"。文章的最後一段這樣寫著:

But in another sense, it’s a shame that Google would launch such a product: startups like Platial and Frappr, not to mention thousands of smaller sites, have built businesses around social maps (provided by Google Maps, Yahoo Maps or both). By providing its own service, Google has instantly killed off at least a few hundred of those mashed-up tools.

相信大多數讀到的人瞬間都有同樣的感受。在列舉了那些受傷慘重的新創公司之後,“Google MyMaps Smashes Mash-ups"冷靜地說:

Google’s announcement shows that social mapping and geo-tagging are now a big enough opportunity for the company to take seriously. It also points to a larger trend – location-based services and how they are increasingly becoming part of information aggregation and sorting technologies.

Google, like its peers, is realizing that in the future when digital content explodes exponentially, context will become more important. Especially, when it comes to local search. MyMaps are a quick way to provide some context. It will only be a matter of time before these Google-hosted map mash-ups start showing up next to local search results.


而我,是在找跟 Web 2.0 有關的笑話時,讀到 “Web 2.0’s Cruel Machiavellian Joke" 才開始思考天氣變了。黑色笑話,總是會真實發生的。



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