Basic Principles of Citizen Journalism

While reading Dan Gilmor’s new project, announced in the end of March: Principles of Citizen Journalism, focusing on

“the key principles that we believe are at the basis of journalistic work for professionals and non-professionals alike."

It’s nice to follow their basic principles for young participants to learn “journalism", no matter “citizen" or not. And it’s also good to learn that from the net side instead of the traditional journalistic side. It would bring out more qualitive writings if people would like to listen to them.

But at the same time I am thinking, in Taiwan, we are really short of certain kind of focus and devotion toward such new media topics. We really need certain focused works, projects, books, conferences, dialogues to facilitate the trend moving on. The society operates in a formalistic way, so we kept losing part of the energy from every serious actor in the game. Young, passionate zealots plays the roles of guru but lacks of support from the traditional sector of society. I got the same feeling reading Sunlight Foundation, and also Dan’s citizen journalism effort.

I wish I am too pessimistic to see the blue side of it.


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