Emerging Libraries 「浮現中的圖書館」研討會

Rice 萊斯大學的 Christopher Kelty 教授寄來研討會的邀請資訊,很有意思,我跟大家分享。有興趣參與的請連到研討會首頁(http://delange.rice.edu/conferenceVI.cfm)。

傳統概念的圖書館被網際網路未曾有過的匯流、衝擊呈現成殆欲斃然的面貌,這些改變在學術出版品的流通模式上、在人文與科學方面增加合作夥伴,以及大型數位圖書館計畫的興起上更為明顯。這樣快速與全面撲來的改變,對於如此一個具有千年歷史的傳統,帶來明顯的挑戰;而且不僅僅針對大學的研究圖書館,甚至對每個公民來說都是如此。在過去幾年,更多的資訊以超越整個人類歷史以往知識生產的速度被生產出來,而且大部份都是數位格式。圖書館不再是儲存的地點了,他們越來越不像是一個地點。如果傳統的圖書館正在經歷一種深刻的轉變,我們現在還不清楚未來到底會變成什麼樣子:那一種模式將會取代現在的圖書館?關鍵的問題包括:資訊將如何有效地被存取、與被運用?我們將如何從組織的很糟糕、但卻豐富無比的資訊中,抽取整理出關鍵的知識?大量數位資源如何影響我們身份認同的概念、個人的隱私、以及我們如何從事商業活動?我們需要從許多學科與角度來尋找洞察,來開始了解這個現象,並且找出方法幫助描繪未來的面貌。De Lange 浮現中的圖書館研討會(De Lange Conference on Emgerging Libraries)將會檢視圖書館正在經歷的這種巨大改變。

The traditional concept of a library has been rendered obsolescent by the unprecedented confluence of the Internet, changes in scholarly publication models, increasing alliances between the humanities and the sciences, and the rise of large-scale digital library projects. Such rapid and overwhelming changes to a millennia-old tradition pose significant challenges not only to university research libraries but also to every citizen. More information has been produced in the last several years than in the entire previous history of humanity, and most of this has been in digital format. Libraries are not storage places any more; they are less and less a place. If the traditional library is undergoing a profound metamorphosis, it is not clear what new model will take its place. The critical issues now include: How can information be efficiently accessed and used? How do we extract knowledge from such an abundance of often poorly organized information? How might enormous digital resources affect our concept of identity, our privacy, and the way we conduct business in the new century? Insight from many disciplines and perspectives is requisite to begin to understand this phenomenon and to identify ways to help chart a future course. The De Lange Conference on Emerging Libraries will examine the transformations that libraries are undergoing.



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