Wikied News, Wired News 雜誌首次推出 wiki 共同編輯的新聞:Veni, Vidi, Wiki,介紹 wiki 的最新發展。最新發展很難介紹,資訊又散落在各個不同的實驗社群中,一般來說要不是花了很長時間與社群共同成長,不容易發展出一個清晰又持平的最新消息論述。這次 跟 合作 Wired Wiki,應該算是對新聞界頗為有意思的實驗。實驗的結果在此 The Wiki That Edited Me。編輯與最初撰稿者思考者這個實驗的結果,他這麼說:

Certainly the final story is more accurate and more representative of how wikis are used.

Is it a better story than the one that would have emerged after a Wired News editor worked with it?

I think not.

The edits over the week lack some of the narrative flow that a Wired News piece usually contains. The transitions seem a bit choppy, there are too many mentions of companies, and too much dry explication of how wikis work.

It feels more like a primer than a story to me.

That doesn’t make the experiment a failure, and we clearly tapped into a community that wants to make news stories better (which, for some, means links to their site). Hopefully, we’ll continue to experiment to find ways to involve that community more.

But I think the experiment shows that, in storytelling, there’s still a place for a mediator who knows when to subsume a detail for the sake of the story, and is accustomed to balancing the competing claims and interests of companies and people represented in a story.

That said, I’ll be a bit sad today to not to be able to click over to see what new things are happening with our story. My thanks to everyone who contributed to this project.

考慮推出 wiki 版本的內容,的確是一個「傳統」組織上跨出很大的一步。



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