Wireless Roadshow after AirJaldi

在印度 Jaldi 舉辦的無線網路高峰會,討論 ICT4D 的議題。會後的活動是「無線網路實作與展示計畫」(Wireless Roadshow)。

The Wireless Roadshow 無線網路實作與展示計畫
The is a project to spread knowledge about how to build and operate wireless community networks. It focuses on practical implementation and covers both the technical and social factors necessary for the smooth long term running of wireless network infrastructure. The target group are (technology and non-technology) NGOs and private companies working with these.

這是一個散播關於如何建立與運作無線社區網路(wireless community networks)知識的計畫。它聚焦在實用性的具體實作,並包含了關於如何平順地長期運作無線網路基礎建設之技術與社會的面向議題。適合參與的團體包括科技相關、與非技術導向的 NGO 組織,以及關注在該領域的私人公司。

The wireless roadshow has been developed over a number of years from practical experience of training in workshops around the world and with input and guidance from the maintainers of a great many real life networks.


The WirelessRoadshow hopes to be used as a model for setting up similar practical training workshops in conjunction with the materials and documenatation available at http://wndw.net.

無線網路實作與展示計畫與在 wndw.net 上的教材與文件相結合,希望能被用來當作一個建立類似實用訓練工作坊的模式。

The idea and concept of the WirelessRoadshow is meant to be spread and reused – and we are therefore looking for:

  • potential venues for roadshow events 可能的實作展示活動與地點
  • new trainers for taking the project forward 帶領這個計畫繼續發展的新訓練員
  • contributors to the growing pool of documentation and support materials. 文件與支援教材庫的有心貢獻者
  • volunteers to assist with future roadshow events 協助未來實作展示活動的志工

The Wireless Roadshow is a cooperation between Informal and wire.less.dk.
無線網路實作與展示計畫是由 Informal 與 wire.less.dk 所共同合作推動。

Joy Tang from oneVillage Foundation is participating the Air Jaldi Summit and also the Wireless Roadshop after it. Jim Sky from DLF is also have wonderful stories about it.

我想建議下一屆的 Culture Mondo 圓桌會議與 2007 台北的 Wikimania 大會,考慮與他們合作來推廣 wireless roadshow 活動。號稱被無線新都覆蓋完的城市,總有沒蓋到的地方吧!如果可以離開台北到花蓮或台東,建立永續經營的無線網路基礎建設,我相信也是功德一件。如果 Culture Mondo 會議在古巴舉行的話,那就更適合去作無線網路的工作坊了。




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