Culture Mondo Images with Geo-Spatial Information

Dubrovnik Traces感謝中央研究院資訊所莊庭瑞博士所帶領的開放地理資訊系統實驗室DongpoEpicure 的協助,我分別完成了將這趟克羅埃西亞之旅參與 Culture Mondo 2nd Roundtable Meeting 的照片影像標註 GPS 軌跡紀錄與地點位置,以及去年日本愛知縣世界博覽會 Culture Mondo 1st Roundtable Meeting 的影像標註地點位置等地理資訊的工作。現在如果你連結 Culture Mondo Flickr Group 頁面,選擇 map 地圖資訊,你將可以看見三個地點所對應的照片資訊。

With the generous help & assistance from Open Geo-Spatial System Lab (led by Dr. Chuang Tyng-Ruey), Dongpo Deng & Epicure Mu of Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, I had finished decoded Flickr Culture Mondo Group Pool Map Viewthe GPS tracelog & geotagged most of the pictures taken in this Dubrovnik, Croatian Culture Mondo 2nd International Culture Portal Roundtable Meeting and also the pictures taken last year in Nagoya/Aichi Japan, June 2005 first International Culture Portal Roundtable Meeting. Right now if you connect to Culture Mondo Flickr Group page, click the map view, you would see group pool pictures mapped in three places.

我們使用的硬體設備是 Garmin GPSMAP 60CS(目前已經停止生產),軟體部份則使用 RoboGeo Windows version 5.011。在透過 RoboGeo 解析紀錄產生標準格式檔案之後,將資料轉成 kml 格式,透過 Google Earth 便能夠重現在克羅埃西亞的移動軌跡。

We are using hardware device Garmin Map 60CS, in software we are using RoboGeo Windows version 5.011 to decode the GPS tracelog. After we gained the tracelog data and converted it into kml file, then we could use Google Earth to represent these trajectories.

接下來即將進行的工作是將 GPS 的時空軌跡,與照片拍攝的時間同步,來標定攝影的地點,獲得精確的經緯度紀錄。這個過程需要電腦運算來存取上千張高解析度圖檔的 EXIF 資訊,並將其對應到 GPS 軌跡上;我們還在想如何先選出接近標定位置時間的照片,如此可以省下一些整體作業的時間。

Then we will synchronize the pictures taken in Croatia with GPS tracelog data to gain precise geo records. This process involves certain amount of CPU process time accessing the EXIF header information of one thousand high resolution pictures, so we are still trying to design a hybrid method to filter out pictures near the geo-information ready points to shorten the overall steps & time of the process.

我們希望借著這些簡易步驟與工具資訊的解說,讓各個國家與會代表可以輕鬆地了解如何標定數位物件的地理資訊。透過對 flickr 的 mashup 功能的實際體驗,讓各個國家的文化入口網站在規劃設計如何呈現地理資訊時,能夠有更有創意的作法與進一步的想像。未來也能夠從這一個簡單的照片分享的合作經驗,進行文化入口網站的國際合作。

We would like to demonstrate to the representatives coming from a variety of countries, how to tag your digital objects with geospatial data via introducing these simple steps and software/tool information. We are expecting culture portal planning team of the participated countries could design more creatively and extend their imagination via such direct web 2.0 mashup experience. We could also start to collaborate from this simple photo-geospatial_data mashup to weave more complicated inter-portal collaboration.


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