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李士傑李士傑 Shih-Chieh Ilya Li
aka IlyaEricLee / inview ilya’s profile

網際網路文化工作者與獨立研究者,關注資訊社會議題。定居於台北/新竹。現就讀於國立清華大學社會學研究所博士班(2007-2009, 2011-)。

現擔任數位典藏與學習國際合作分項 Culturemondo 亞太祕書處計畫顧問(2011-)、Culturemondo.org 「世界文化網絡」國際指導委員(2005-)。研究主題為 eCulture:數位文化與文化之資訊傳播;網路運動;數位藝術;資訊政治與資訊社會發展;災難研究。研究經歷包括:

  • 災難科技,與災難社會研究:科技救援物件設計(2010-2011),災難與資訊科技,近期研究主題為〈極端設計:災難情境中的科技與社會設計〉
  • 數位原生代(digital natives,另譯為「數位原住民」)研究:與荷蘭 Hivos、印度網際網路與社會中心(CIS)合作,舉辦亞洲數位原生代國際工作坊(2010)
  • 食物文化,環境、農業與食品產業的資訊設計:與日本 ALFAE 基金會合作,於 SICE 發表〈飲食者(食物使用者)經驗科技的概念與實作〉(2010)
  • 資訊素養(information literacy)與使用者經驗設計:於文化研究學會年會中策劃議程〈輸入非法,瀏覽不器;本土不化,字體不型〉,檢視輸入法、瀏覽器、本土化、字體與字型等資訊文化議題。(2005)
  • 數位典藏與資訊技術創新研究:擔任數位典藏與學習國家型計畫計畫辦公室、國際合作、學術與社會應用推廣分項等計畫專案經理(2004-2010),負責 OpenID、社會媒體(social media)等議題。



Shih-Chieh “Ilya" Li, a.k.a. Ilya Eric Lee, is an Internet cultural activist, independent researcher, coordinator / project manager and sociology PhD student based in Taipei & Hsinchu, Taiwan.

He has devoted the last decade to open-source and open-culture related projects, and has worked at TELDAP, Taiwan (The e-Learning and Digital Archives Program) since 2004. His personal interest is in strategic planning, participatory knowledge management & narrative architecture.

He currently represents TELDAP on the Culturemondo International Steering Committee, Ilya is also co-Chair of APAN (Asia-Pacific Advance Network) eCulture working group, one of the co-founders of OSGeo, Taiwan, one of the supervisory board members of the Software Liberty Association of Taiwan, and a member of staff at the Social Brain Foundation: All roles which converge on the everyday practices of our information society.

He enjoys interdisciplinary practices and hybridity experiments, theoretical dialogues and methodological adventures. Right now connecting back to the tradition of Science Technology Studies and contextualizing Japanese agriculture innovations are his favorite subjects of study.

He is running Ilyagram (http://ilyagram.org), his experimental, personal media space since 2001.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Ilya,

    Got your message via Niyam Bhushan. Apologies for not responding to your mail, as I have been traveling all along. Would try my best to come to Taiwan in december. Will say a firm yes on 25th, after I am back in Delhi on 24th.




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