CAL(Chatting At Large) turns into “ilyastorming"

(this article is also published on my exclusive English blog,, and thanks Kerim for recommendation)

Lukhnos is suggesting to change the topic of my friends network meetup from “Luan-Liao-Tien, CAL(Chatting At Large, 亂聊天)" into “ilyastorming". The previous one is quite lounge style, inviting my friend to join my style heavy topic, spontaneous energetic organic discussion without thinking too much. In Taiwanese, Luan/亂 means playful moments, playful attitudes and chaotic but fruitful results. Because all the discussions would be focused topic by topic, these lovely chatting experiences is also establishing our friendship and kind of trust network for further collective collaboration.

I had held a previous official CAL meeting on geospatial information systems / services / softwares / protocols discussion, and the topic is “Geographically Speaking…", presented by Dongpo Deng from Open Geospatial Lab, Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica. The event went on quite successful, and the contiuous discussion is going on at In that meeting, we had explored the current status of different layers in geospatial world, and moving toward a specification of geo-spatial information input/output framwork system, which is also connecting back to OpenVanilla Input / Output Framework that led by Lukhnos Liu on Apple OS X. Several other people from and local senior net specialist T.M. Chang is also join us that night.

But when Lukhnos and I talks more about the coming gathering, we think it could move from current status toward more concrete form: it’s a place for ilya’s style of mindstorming! As you may know, “il y a" also means “there is…" in English. “There is storming" is quite exciting to indicate the coming emergence and outbreak of something interesting and wonderful. That’s exactly the same feeling I share with Isaac Mao after our physical and virtual meeting: 「山雨欲來」, the storm is coming.

It’s a nice trajectory so far, cause there has been numerous effort and failure during this whole trip. I had Audrey Tang and Umberto Kongtat Chen with me for the initiation of Nettime-zh, Autrey Tang with me on PiraGene/Piraport project, elixus metalist project with Audrey Tang, CLKao and HCChien, Blogging on Blosxom and MT with Audrey Tang and Elixus people, OSSF with TCLiou and all OSSF team, my Kwiki with Gugod Liu, my Luan-Speaking and Ilyamwiki with Disorder Chang. Chinese input and POJ Taiwanese Language issues with Lukhnos Liu, Pektiong Chen and Tian-Jian Jiang (and the wonderful panel we had in NTHU, Culture Study Conference of Taiwan). International Conference on Open Source (ICOS) with Marr Hu and Allen Gunn from in San Francisco. Collaboration and supports from oneVillage Foundation in San Jose with Joy Tang, Mark and Jeff. WorldVistA’s kindful support and collaboration with Chris Richardson.

Now new projects is about to go. “ilyastorming", you’ll see.


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