“RRRrrrr!!!" 法式原始人

While commenting on BBS things, French movie kept me laugh into tears. It’s “RRRrrrr!!!". TrevorAclea on IMDB had commented, “Enjoyably stupid":

RRRrrrr!!! is a French caveman comedy set in the ‘Stan Age’ (everyone is called Stan – at least in the English subtitles – because they haven’t got round to inventing any new names yet) that is either stupidly enjoyable or enjoyably stupid (or just plain stupid) depending on your mood. There’s not much in the way of plot, revolving around a 600 year fight between the Clean Hairs and the Dirty Hairs over the secret of shampoo that gets sidelined when the world’s first murder is committed, but that’s just an excuse for a series of spot gags along the lines of a Tex Avery or Looney Tunes cartoon.

As usual with French comedy there’s a tendency to find cold-blooded murder extremely amusing (some French comedies end in massacres that even Peckinpah might think was over the top) that doesn’t always translate, but there are more than enough good gags, both visual and verbal, to compensate.

How could anyone love to watch the movie? It’s too “cold" for all the jokes. I love most the Maurice Barthélémy day dream part: he found himself in Carrefour, surrounded by washing machines! That’s really cool….


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