VistA Pittsburg Meeting

VistA_thumb.jpgAfter a crazy WHOLE day meeting with Mark, Chris, Rick, Brian, Joseph, Jim, I am totally exhausted and appreciate that there’s a kind of thing called “sleep" in human nature. You will enjoy my further fieldnote in this San Francisco journey for the wonderful research fieldwork. Please tune in 😛

VistA Pittsburg Meeting 有 “ 4 則留言 ”

  1. having been working hard for your trip in san francisco?? trying some drumming?
    get some drumming and natural healing?

    cause I am just looking for you and have realized that you are in the states.

    disgrace is a very sad novel, but SA is no less sad as the novel is.


  2. Yeh! I did drum for my first time, and be experiencing the feeling in trance.

    I brought “Disgrace" in my journey, and hope one day I might be able to come to SA to touch with that ground described in it.

    best, ilya

  3. Are you coming over to Pittsburgh (probably CMU) for another meeting? Do visit me! My phone is 517-6480524. Rong-bang is here too and we can have some hangout also provide place to stay!

    When are you arriving?


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