“The social enterprise"

What Tacit’s ActiveNet watches and compiles are the e-mail messages and documents written by knowledge workers. Its mission: to ensure that no two people whose document trails reveal a mutual interest in making a connection fail to miss one another. “But it’s not our job to force you to work together,” Gilmour says. Users’ content remains private; the ActiveNet connection broker works only with explicit consent.

Of course, we humans don’t always need to discover new collaborators. We’re already members of teams. Within those teams, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all social protocol. Outspoken individuals author the blogs popping up on corporate intranets. But other team members may prefer to contribute to a wiki, which is a collaborative space for Web writing. Ross Mayfield is CEO of Socialtext, a company whose hosted workspaces support both modes. “A blog enables people to express their identity,” he says, “while a wiki page de-emphasizes the individual and emphasizes the collective understanding of the group.”

新新媒體中的「社會」(軟體)企業。Tacit Knowledge Systems 跟 Socialtext 公司。這些你都可以在 Orkut.com 裡面找到痕跡。但是你可以從這兩者針對他們產品的定位中,瞥見社會企業著重的面向。

Whatever the mode of communication, the primary goal, Hertz says, is to create group memory.

Jon Udell, Social Enterprise. InfoWorld.




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