put design back in the driver’s seat

(Browsers) …are they like cars — there are a lot of them, but they basically do the same thing, get you somewhere — or like countries — a passport from one may get you in trouble when you visit another? Incongruously, browsers, the tools that allow you to “travel" the Internet, incorporate aspects of both. If the Internet is considered to be a digital superhighway, then browsers are vehicles that transport you along the information residing at the crossroads. Like cars, they come in different makes, each with their own peculiarities, qualities, defaults and faults. But browsers are also “national" in the sense that they impose their language and customs on their “inhabitants" and visitors — the websites made according to their particular standards and the users accessing them.

International Browser Day. Catalogue of Strategies, Geert Lovink and Mieke Gerritzen.



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