[Updated] 平行的沉默

在 69 元書店裡,我遍尋不著 The Big Blue 的時候,我發現了 Buena Vista Social Club(樂士浮生錄),這部我在電影院看過兩回的 Wim Wenders(文.溫德斯)紀錄片。這部片是我從坐進戲院裡就一直感動到最後的,真實影片;用真實的、歷史的痕跡所編織成的音像故事。

這個故事是那麼的漂亮,那麼 well-narrated 恰當地跳躍底被述說著,穿梭在紀錄者、訪談者、演唱者與各種觀眾的意識之間,開始敘述之後幾乎沒有時間停留下來,在以 DVD 影像重訪之際融化成為我自己的故事。但是等到 Ferrer 跟 Omara Portuondo 開始演唱 Silencio(沉默)之後,一種船隻順利停泊進入港灣的感受湧起,我遂開始知悉它*已經*成為了*我的故事*,變成了我的一部分然後於是可以被交換遞送到另外一個人的手中,開始講述另外一段的故事….


沉默(Silencio)的歌詞(感謝私人物品寂靜地隱匿lyrics time):

晚香玉 玫瑰 白色的百合

Duerme en mi jardin
Las blancas azucenas, los nardos y las rosas
Mi alma, muy triste y pesarosa
A las flores quiere ocultar su amargo dolor


Yo no quiero que las flores sepan
Los tormentos que me da la vida
Si supieran lo que estoy sufriendo
Por mis penas llorarian tambien


Silencio que estan durmiendo
Los nardos y las azucenas
No quiero que sepan mis penas
Porque si me ven llorando moriran (descanso musical)


Silencio que estan……(repetir coro)


Viva “Buena Vista Social Club"

“…Wenders’ dazzling camera swirls around Ferrer and the accompanying musicians — including a laid-back Cooder on slide guitar — as he pours his feelings into love ballads. One of the movie’s high-points is a duet on a sinuous bolero, “Silencio," that begins in the studio with Ferrer and a proud 69-year-old Omara Portuondo singing directly to each other from opposite microphones, then cuts to them finishing the song in the Amsterdam concert, Portuondo overwhelmed by the song’s emotion and the ovation they receive. She bends her head as tears fall, and Ferrer gently hugs her and brushes the tears away."

“Silencio" Written by Rafael Hernandez
Published by Peer International Corporation (BMI)

“One of the most moving and touching ‘boleros’ ever, ‘Silencio’ was composed by Puerto Rico’s Rafael Hernandez, a major figure of Latin American music. This rendition features Ibrahim Ferrer and Omara Portuondo in a soulful duet. Wim Wenders filmed the recording session in Havana as well as the performance of the song in Amsterdam. As the camera dissolves seamlessly from studio to performance, we see Ibrahim Ferrer wiping a tear off Omara Portuondo’s cheek, the most poignant moment of the film, crystallizing the tragic beauty not just of the this bolero but also of the story behind The Buena Vista Social Club."


“…ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH: The musicians called themselves the Buena Vista Social Club after one of the few big pre-revolutionary Havana nightspots that admitted black people. The film documents the recording sessions and a triumphant concert in New York’s Carnegie Hall. Cooder had long been a fan of Cuban music, which combines Spanish melodies with African-derived rhythms, especially the boleros and the genre known as “son."

RY COODER, Musician: I love the music because it is purely emotional, and then it has a certain mysterious other side. The emotion we understand of tragedy, of joy and all these things; it’s very well expressed as all these things. I think in the human beings and in their lives and things, the Cubans have got that nailed. (Ferrer sings “Silencio")

IBRAHIM FERRER: (speaking through interpreter) For me the Cuban son, the music I sing, is the greatest thing in the world. Without the son– without all music, but especially the son– life is nothing. It wakes you up. It makes your blood boil. With it there is nothing dead. Everything is alive. And life– being really alive– is the best thing for all of us.

ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH: How does it feel like to be standing in front of those Americans, singing a son or bolero, and you know maybe half of them haven’t heard one, and they love it, they’re responding so enthusiastically. How does it feel?

IBRAHIM FERRER: (speaking through interpreter) Right now I can’t explain the way I feel because I want people to understand what I’m trying to say with my music. I don’t know if I’m doing it well or not, but I think I’m doing it all right because I see a lot of people in the audience with tears coming down from their eyes. I can’t even explain it. It’s something I feel and the way that I feel it. That’s how I give it back.

ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH: The great success you’ve had, has it changed you in any way?

IBRAHIM FERRER: (speaking through interpreter) I haven’t changed at all. Well, I’ve changed, but… well, I never thought I’d be as famous as I am now. But in other ways I’m the same person I ever was. My living situation is the only thing that’s changed. But personally, my inner feelings, which are the most important thing, haven’t changed at all. “


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  1. 苦的是,Gonzalez 死的那天,只有一家媒體小小地報了這則新聞;而 Ferrer 受邀參加奧斯卡卻又被拒於海關門外,更是…

    要不是有個美國人 Cooder,誰又會記得他們呢?




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