“Game Over"

This an interesting question raised by US TV producer, and answered by Canadian and American techcompanies.

“Game Over," which is to make its debut on March 10 on UPN, begins with a question: What happens when video-game characters are off duty?

The answer, it turns out, is that they act much as a typical TV sitcom family does. Raquel Smashenburn, the mother (with the voice of Lucy Liu), struggles to balance the responsibilities of work and home. Her husband, Rip (Patrick Warburton of the Fox sitcom “The Tick"), gets steamed over his daughter’s dates. Of course, Rip and Raquel aren’t exactly like other made-for-TV clans. She is a swashbuckling heroine à la Lara Croft, and he is a racecar driver who always falls just short of a high score.

NYTimes(free registration required), The Secret Life of Off-Duty Characters.



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