ThatTuesday: on migration, etc.

expertbase.gifI had participated the “Everyone is An Expert" event on “Migration, labour, media and organizing“. It’s a panel at evening of 8th Dec. of Saskia Sassen(Chicago/London), Valery Alzaga(Mexico City/Denver), Myoingjoon Kim(Seoul), and Shahidul Alam(Dhaka), and I and Shunling was lucky to join the discussion in the afternoon.

On the eve of the UN summit on the information society the EVERYONE IS AN EXPERT association calls to a debate about issues that are not present on the agenda of neither govermental nor non-governmental organizations: migration, labour, and organizing

Tabooing the so called dirty side of the information society comes as no surprise: It refers to a naive view on technology and development but also responds to the real threat and manifolded impact of migration patterns to the existing world order.

Migration is not just a collateral damage of global capitalism nor a dispensable side-effect of the information society: The political power of exodus and refusal is subverting the souvereignity of both the nation states as well as the new regimes of hyper-exploitation on a global level.

The discussion in the afternoon was full of energetic case context dialogue. That’s also my first time met Kim, a very clear/tough Korean labor/media movement leader. And the Valery Alzaga, she was *so* energetic, *so* promotive, in her ways of narrating the campaign of hitech janitors. And we met the “No One Is Illegal" people, like Hagen. I mentioned to him the creative “deportation class" and I always mentioned the campaign under local context when possible, because how it had changed my previous stereotype.

But the border is really a complicated issue for people to learn to break down. For all those campaigns I had known since 1999, this is the one that challenge my preconception most.

DD had told us another case on ITU workers. That was another striking thing for me that so metaphorical represented the infrastructure of WSIS. We are discussing about the *any* possibility of information society on their backs! That’s why the words strike me so much: “the dirty side of the information society"….

I had contributed my thoughts codeveloped with Shahidul Alam on the Migrate Worker’s Blogging Project. Some details emergent clearer than Nov. in Taiwan that including photo facilities and connection support. When the draft is almost over, maybe I would have it presented to TWblog friends and start to move on next step.

Shunling talked about her experience of understanding the situation of Philippine university students/NGO worker becoming the migrate labor of Taiwan. Due to lacking the ability to communicate they are marginalized. But they are expert for sure in their own context, just like the slogan had shown. Behind every story of migrant worker, there’re some positive and constructive things that can be shared and learned among the isolated community.


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