Creative Commons in WSIS

cc_christine.jpgWhat’s one of the most exciting things in WSIS is that we finally met Creative Commons people: Lessig, Christine and Mary. Mary can speak Chinese and other several languages, I think she is the secret weapon of CC. Christine is iCommons’s int’l coordinator, located in Berlin. Lessig is participating the UNESCO event of “Cultural Diversity in the knowledge society“, the round table 2: Diversity in Cyberspace(streaming service is also available) and the ICT4D event of free software, free society. And in the right (photo) is Christine’s presentation in “Communications, Copyright, and Trade: (Resisting) the Enclosure of the Global Knowledge Commons" of World Forum on Communication Rights.

這次在 WSIS 最棒的事情之一,就是我們終於見到了 Creative Commons 的成員:Lessig(他也寫了一則心得), Christine 跟 Mary 。Mary 會說中文(還有其他各種語言),基本上是 CC 的秘密武器;Christine 在德國工作,是 iCommons 的負責人。Lessig 這次來參加了聯合國教科文組織的活動:知識社會中的文化多樣性、第二場圓桌會議:賽博空間(cyberspace)中的多樣性(大會有提供串流視訊),以及 ICT4D 的演講:自由軟體、自由社會(與 Richard Stallman 一起)。左邊這張圖是 Christine 在世界傳播權論壇中,「溝通、版權與貿易:(抵抗)全球知識公共園地的封閉」中的報告。



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