you_got_it.jpgHeard of this brand? No, not only you, me neither. It has nothing to do with Mango, the famous clothes brand, but also something connected. They all try to sell some life style, psychological warfare right directed to your mind. “Yomango" is a spanish folk word, called “I steal!". That’s why people involved want to “sell" to you.

About me? I just watch these people on the screening of the party of polymedia in the WSIS? WeSeize!!! serious activities. And of course, that’s really, cool.

聽過這個品牌嗎?這個品牌叫做 Yo, Mango! 跟服裝品牌 Mango 沒有太多關聯,Yomango 是西班牙文裡面的俗語,中文翻譯就是「我偷!」的意思。就像所有的品牌都不只是要賣給你商品,他們還努力地要透過廣告意象佔據你的大腦一樣,Yomango 也不只是一句話而已,她還要推廣一種生活方式與心靈理念。

“A criminilizing media campaign, using the police as a main source, is cleverly countered by Yomango’s communications strategy: while newspapers report: “alternative youth and antiglobalization activists vandalize and cause damage in Barcelona’s city center", Yomango exhibited publicly, as part of a famous cultural festival, the rediculous result of the fashion show’s ‘expropriation’: an ugly blue dress, on sale for 9 euros and 50 cents. "

Yomango 聰明地使用了一種溝通策略,透過一場犯罪化(criminalizing)的媒體運動,利用警察來當作主要的來源:並且當新聞報導『一群另類的青年與反全球化的運動份子沒有目標地破壞了巴塞隆納的市中心』時,Yomango 公開地展現了有名的文化節慶(折扣活動)的一部分….


yomango!!! 有 “ 2 則留言 ”

  1. Dare to desire
    瞄了一下 YOMANGO (我偷!)的網站,上面說 “Dare to Desire!" “You want it? You got it!" YOMANGO 贊成物慾,愛好享樂,又充滿表演慾。不管是取「偷」這個字的意象,或者真的偷,都遊走邊緣。我想起跟…



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