我城 is not city from Malaysia. It’s a reversed form of a novel written by a wonderful writer, “CC", a sketch of youth in Hong Kong in the 60’s/70’s. When watching the scene, I just thought about the name of the book, “City.My". People vertically inserted into the ground with their eyes watching something front. It look silence, but huge amount of dialogue everyone is doing within the machines. The name hanging above shown it’s a “Cyber Cafe", but a cafetria without any coffee. And how about cyber? Is it real, or not? Is it virtual, or not? What only left here is people gathering, and unlimited freedom (8am~9pm) of connection. Freedom of plug. Freedom of using microsoft.

This is the second floor for the WSIS in Palexpo. Good design for so many people hanging around, and the printer service is especially wonderful. Standing position make the scene more cool, and more space for many people. But why not give people with their laptop freedom anywhere they need?

看到這個景象,你會想到什麼呢。人們直立地插入土地中,眼睛注視著前方的物體。看起來沉默,每個人卻都在滔滔不絕地對話。上空懸著的牌子寫著 Cyber Cafe,但是這裡沒有咖啡。這裡唯一有的是人們聚集的地方,然後還有(上班期間)源源不絕的自由。插電的自由。連線的自由。使用微軟的自由。

這是 WSIS 世界資訊高峰會在會場 Palexpo 的二樓。有很多 PC 裝著 Windows 讓人免費使用,更方便的是還有印表機,以及專為 Notebook 設想的網路線、電源插座的位置。都是設計成站立的點,一方面省去椅子的問題,另外一方面也可讓空間變大、更多人也會輪流使用這些資源。令人覺得設計不好的是,沒有提供完整的免費無線網路資源。既然有固定的空間可以提供人們免費上網,為什麼沒有提供這些短期的資源、開放讓各國的與會者免費無線上網呢?這樣的廣告效益不是更大嗎?不曉得 SWISSCom 瑞士電信公司在想什麼?真是令人不解。

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