FTAA in Miami: Baghdad, US.

娜歐密.克萊恩最近的一篇報導:對異議者宣戰(The War on Dissent)報導了最近在邁阿密美洲自由貿易區(FTAA)談判中,會場內外的的戰爭。如果你沒有聽過「嵌入式新聞記者」(embeded journalist),你可以從這場小型的美國國內戰爭想像一下巴格達媒體戰事的面貌。預算的編列、作戰的方式,這些種種都再次帶來想像的困惑與恐懼:到底示威抗議與恐怖行動、平民與軍事人員的分界點在哪裡?

The war on dissent: Heavy-handed police and propaganda tactics brought Baghdad to Miami, written by NAOMI KLEIN(NoLogo, Fences and Windows), at The Global and Mail. Naomi Klein describe the FTAA-lite and the War-lite happening in Miami, like “embeded journalist" and media campaign to peaceful protesters, alerting that what Mr. Bush is trying to do is to bring the war front to home, Baghdad US.

In December, 1990, U.S. President George Bush Sr. travelled through South America to sell the continent on a bold new dream: “a free-trade system that links all of the Americas." Addressing the Argentine congress, he said that the plan, later to be named the Free-Trade Area of the Americas would be “our hemisphere’s new declaration of interdependence . . . the brilliant new dawn of a splendid new world."

Last week, Mr. Bush’s two sons joined forces to try to usher in that new world by holding the FTAA negotiations in friendly Florida.



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