Polymedia Lab at WSIS

Information increasingly represents the ground on which authority is based and on which struggles are being fought out. Intellectual Property is becoming a major means of control, and the media-led battles for the thoughts and the consent of people are playing a central role in global politics – once again proven by the tales on weapons of mass destruction before the Iraq war.

資訊越來越替現(represent)了權威所奠基的鬥爭場域。智慧財產權變成了主要控制的工具,並且媒體導向的思想與人民共識的戰役在全球政治中扮演著核心的角色。這些都在美國攻打伊拉克之前 wmd 大規模毀滅性武器的故事中獲得再一次的證明。

Media Lab 2/03: Polymedia Lab at WSIS.



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