“The Orphans of Invention"

Thanks Dave’s Scripting News, I read Ellen Ullman’s NYTimes’ editorials/op-ed: The Orphans of Invention. He found the real innovation of computer industry in the 73 Mr. Engelbart’s 1998 speech, after Mr. Engelbart’s not so fortune trajectories and the 56,0000 jobs lost in America between 2001-2002. Maybe right after it was lost: industrial memory.

But more than jobs have been lost. To listen to Mr. Engelbart that day almost five years ago was to realize that the computer industry, when it started, was not simply about becoming a chief executive or retiring on stock options at 35. It was to remember that real innovation — the stuff that made computers so much more than “crummy factors of production" — comes from mysterious places, wild people, dreamers and tinkerers, and to remember all the skepticism they had to endure.

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