3D: Delhi, Dehradun and Dharamsala

Received Tibetan friend Tsewang Gonpo’s email tonight…. what amazing to get his message! It makes me think about other Tibetan nice and kind friends, like Gonzo and the group of painters, Gyana Ripoche, Dojie and other monks. The memories of the trip to India suddenly reappear in my mind. We said to Tsewang, we had been to Delhi and Dehradun this time; “next time, lets go to Dharamsala together!"

今晚,收到了西藏朋友 Tsewang 的來信….心情超級高興,因為回想到八月初在印度的時光。我們去了德里、德拉敦,我們還約定下次要一起去德蘭薩拉玩呢!想起那些幫我們很多忙的好朋友;像是 Gonzo(唐卡畫師)與薩迦派的喇嘛們、年輕的仁波切….一下子半年過去了,真是讓人懷念啊。

It was a pity for my English-speaking friends, my website are suddenly becoming un-decipherable, just when I change the blogging softeware from blosxom to MoveableType. But you can still check gramdoc to find some previous pages. And I would blog more in English, at least blog bi-lingually.

信中看到我的西藏朋友固定都有在 check 我的網站,也就是之前用 blosxom 架起來的英文日記(http://ilyagram.org/cgi-bin/blosxom)。超苦的是,一兩個月前,我的網站突然「變臉」,變成中文了!所有中文字都看不懂!我趕快去把我的英文 blog 翻箱倒櫃挖了出來,網址再貼了回去:http://ilyagram.org/gramdoc/ 。我接下來是希望多寫一些英文的格(雖然很鱉腳),如果作不太到的話(因為有時候寫字是得看心情啦)就多寫一些雙語的格子了。

I remember my friend autrijus had beed discussing such problem with piaip, the author of Mozilla’s localization, but their focus is on how to automatically determine the browser’s locale and deliver proper content. I think I need to consult them more to implement on my website.

我既得 autrijus 跟 piaip 好像有討論過這個問題:如何根據瀏覽器的 locale 語系與編碼的設定,送出恰當的網頁內容給讀者。piaip 原來的網站是並存著的,autrijus 則是根據設定送出不同的網頁。根據 autrijus 跟我解釋的是,他的想法是如果知道對方可以同時讀中文跟英文時,就送出兩種內容並存的網頁。(如果我沒有記錯的話)總之,我想我得跟他們多請教請教,然後在我的小小 blog 上面實作出來造福我跟我的朋友們。

3D: Delhi, Dehradun and Dharamsala 有 “ 3 則留言 ”



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